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Please complete all sections of this online application form. You can stop and start as often as you want but please ensure you save before leaving any section. Please email with any questions.

To complete this application you will require the following information:
- Biographical and contact details
- Details of your employment / volunteering (if applicable)
- Details of education to date (primary, secondary and third level if applicable)
- Details of your financial circumstances and your financial need
- A motivation statement of maximum 500 words
- Details of 2 referees

All applications will be reviewed by Uversity and shortlisted on the basis of financial need, motivation and ambition for returning to education, a drive to succeed and work ethic and the transformative impact that this scholarship can have for the recipient and others.

Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview either in person or online.

Closing date for applications will be May 1st 2018 and successful candidates will be notified in June/July 2018.

All awardees must provide proof of acceptance by the relevant institution for their chosen Bachelor’s degree programme prior to final scholarship offer.

Payments will be made on a staged basis throughout the duration of the degree programme and a payment schedule will be agreed with each awardee. Scholarships will be subject to continued academic progress and registration.

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